Tuesday 31 May 2011

The living Organisms and Their surroundings : NCERT Class VI Science Lesson 9

NCERT Class VI Science textbook:
Lesson 9: The living Organisms and Their surroundings.


1. Question.What is habitat?
Answer.The surroundings where plants and animals live, is called their habitat.

2.Question.Fill up the blanks:
(a) The presence of specific features,which enable a plant or an animal to live in particular habitat, is called *adaptation*.
(b) The habitat of the plants and animal that live on land are called *terrestrial* habitat.
(c) The habitats of plants and animals that live in water are called * aquatic* habitat.
(d) Soil, water and air the *abiotic* factors of a habitat.
(e) Change in our surrounding  that make us respond to them, are called *stimuli*.

3.Question. Which of the things of the following list are non_living?
Plough, Mushroom,Sewing machine,Radio, Boat, Water hyacinth,Earth worm.
Answer. Plough, Sewing machine,Radio, Boat.

4.Question. Give an example of non_ living thing, which shows any two characteristics of the living thing?
  (i)  Mores
  (ii) Need Oxygen.

5.Question. Which of the non_living things listed below, were once part of a non living thing?
Butter, Leather,Soil, wool, Electric bulb,Cooking oil, Salt, Apple, Rubber.
Answer.Butter, Leather, wool,Cooking oil, Apple, Rubber.

6.question. List the common  characteristics of the living thing.
Answer.characteristics of the living thing are.
(a) Growth
(b) Need food.
(c) Respiration.
(d) Response to stimuli.
(e) Excretion.
(f) Movement.
(g) Reproduction.  

7.Question.Explain, why speed is important for survival in the grassland for animals that live there.(Hint : There are few trees or places for animals to hide in grassland habitat)

Answer.There are few trees of places for animal to hide tiger eats deer. The survive,the deer has to run faster than tiger. Thus speed is important for survival  in Grassland for animals.

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