Thursday 19 May 2011

Lesson 6 : Who I am? | Class VI (6th) English Text Book : Honeysuckle


A.Question.  Answer of the following question.
1.    Peter’s favorite day of the week is  Sunday because on that day the whole family goes to see a film, eat
ice-cream and peanuts.
2.    Nasir wants to learn how to preserve cotton seeds as not to buy new seeds every year.
3.   Dolma believes that he can make a good Prime Minister because  he is intelligent and thoughtful. He has big plans for a happy and progressive India.

B.    Write T or F  against each of the statements:
1.    Peter is an only child. F
2.    When Serbjit gets angry he shouts at people. F
3.    Nasir lives in the city. F
4.    Radha’s mother enjoys doing things with her.T

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