Thursday 19 May 2011

Lesson 5 : A Different Kind of School : Class VI (6th) English Text Book : Honeysuckle


1.Question. Why do you think the writer visit Miss Beam’s school?
Answer. The writer visited Miss Beam’s school to see what her original method of teaching was. He had heard a lot about the school.

2.Question. What was the ‘game’ was the every child in the school had to play?
Answer. Every child in the school had to play the game of being blind, lame deaf, or dumb at least once during the session. He had his eyes bandaged or his one leg tied up. This made of blind or lame for a day.  He was helped and guided by another boy. This game made the child understand and also share misfortune.

3.Question. Each term every child has one blind day, one lame   day……’complete the line. Which day was the hardest? Why was it hardest?
Answer. The blind Day’ was really the hardest or most difficult. The bandaged  girl also admitted that it was awful to be blind. One couldn’t see anything. One felt he/she was going to hit by something every moment. It was great relief just to sit down.

4.Question. What was the purpose of these special days?
Answer. There was a purpose behind these special days at  Beam’s school.

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