Tuesday 10 May 2011

Lesson 3 : Taro’s Reward ? | Class VI (6th) English Textbook : Honeysuckle


1.Question. Why did Taro run in the direction of the stream?
Answer. Taro ran in the direction of the sound of flowing water. because he was thirsty. Secondly, he had never before seen any spring in that part of the forest.

2.Question. How did Taro’s father show his happiness after drinking sake?
Answer. Taro’s father drank the Sake and was delighted. He stopped shivering. He also danced a little with joy.

3.Question. Why did the waterfall give Taro Sake and others water?
Answer. The waterfall favoured Taro because he was sincere, kind, hard working and obedient to his parents. Other people were just greedy. They reached there to collect Sake for their own pleasure.

4.Question. Why did the villagers want to drown Taro?
Answer. The villagers tasted the liquid and found it just plain cold water. They shouted angrily that Taro had befooled them. So they wanted to punish Taro and drown him in the waterfall.

5.Question. Why did the Emperor reward Taro?
Answer. The Emperor rewarded Taro in order to encourage other children also to obey, love and serve their parents.

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