Saturday 21 May 2011

Components of Food : CBSE NCERT Class VI Science Lesson 2:

Science Textbook :
Lesson 2: Components  of food.

1. Question. Name the major nutrients in our food.
Answer. The major nutrients in our food carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamin and minerals.In addition, of food contains dietary fibers and water.
2.Question. Name the following. (a) The nutrients which mainly give energy to our body. (b) The nutrients that are needed for the growth and maintenance of our body. (c) A vit6amin required for maintaining good eyesight. (d) A mineral that is required for keeping our bones healthy.
Answer. (a) Carbohydrates. (b) Proteins and minerals. (c) Vitamin 'A'.(d) Calcium.

3.Question. Name the food each reach in.
Answer. (a)Fats__ Butter, groundnuts.         
        (b)Starch__ Rice, Potato.
        (c)Di teary fiber__ Whole grains, fresh fruits.    
        (d)Proteins__Pulses, fish.
4.Question. Tick the statement that are correct.
Answer. (a)By eating Rice alone, we can fulfill nutritional requirement of our body.(/)
        (b)Deficiency diseases can be prevented by eating a balanced diet.(/)
        (c)Balance diet for the body should contain variety of food items.
        (d)  Meat alone is not  sufficient to provide all nutrients to the body.(/)
5 Question.Fill in the blanks.
(a)Rickets is caused by deficiency of vitamin D.
(b)Deficiency of vitamin B causes a disease known as beri_ beri.
(c)Deficiency of vitamin c causes a disease known as scurry.
(d)Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of vitamin A in our food.


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