Tuesday 10 May 2011

Lesson 2 : How the Dog Found Himself A Master ? | Class VI English - Honeysuckle


1.Question : Why did the dog feel the needed for a master?
Answer : The dog felt sick and tired of wandering alone in search of food. Secondly, he was afraid of other animals stronger than him. So he felt the need to have a master.

2. Question : Who did he first choose as his master? Why did he leave that master?
Answer : The dog first chose a big wolf as his master. The wolf agreed to take him in his service. But the sight of a bear made him run off out of fear. Seeing that the bear was stronger than the wolf, the dog left him and changed his master.

3. Question : Who did he choose next?
Answer : The dog first took up service with the wolf. But he found the wolf afraid of the bear, The stronger of the two. So he chose bear as his new master.

4. Question : Why did he serve the lion for a long time?
Answer : The bear was strong but weaker than the lion. The lion ruled the forest. He was said to be the strongest beast on the earth. So the dog left the bear and joined the lion. He now felt safe and happy in the forest. So he served lion for a long time.

5. Question : Who did he finally choose as his master and why?
Answer : The dog one day found the lion also afraid of man. The lion decided to keep away from man. So the dog finally realised that man was the strongest creature on the earth. So he joined man. He still continues to be man’s most loyal servant.

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