Friday 5 January 2018

Write the steps you would use for making tea. Use the words : solution, solvent, solute, dissolve, soluble, insoluble, filtrate and residue.

 Answer : For making tea, first of all we will take desired cups of  water as solvent in a tea pan. Then it is allowed to boil on stove. Tea leaves, as salute is added to it and  brewed. While brewing , the colour of water as solvent gets changed to tea colour as soluble part of tea as salute gets dissolve in heated water  as solvent. There after,   milk is added to it as solute and is further allowed to boil for some times. Insoluble tea leaves as residue  are removed by passing the mixture through a tea strainer. Sugar as solute according to need is added to filtrate so obtained and stirred with spoon. Sugar gets dissolve in filtrate. Resulting solution is in the form of  Tea, ready for use.

This is an answered question from Chapter 2. IS Matter Around Us Pure ? of CBSE Class 9th Science

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