Friday 5 January 2018

What are the advantages of classifying organisms?

There are many advantages of classifying organisms which are given as below
1. Classifying organisms helps us in recognizing the basic arrangement of a hierarchical structure among diverse species.
2. It tells us about the resemblances and relationships between various organisms thus facilitating studies or research of wide variety associated with organisms effortlessly.
3. It helps in understanding the evolution of organisms, as it gives us most of the information permitting a reconstruction of phylogeny of life.
4. It has major role in  agriculture, public health and environmental biology. Exact identification of harmful pests, disease vectors    makes possible to control diseases much easier.
5. Several ornamental plants have been introduced by horticulturists due to proper identification and nomenclature.
6. It also gives us a fair idea about the vast number of life forms and we are able to understand diversity among living organisms in a much better way.
7. It helps in placement of different organisms in a definite taxonomic group which is the basic requirement of biological sciences.
8. It forms the basis for Taxonomy in biological sciences, which is a science of identifying, grouping, and naming organisms according to their established natural relationship.
9. Classification of organism has facilitated  science of  genetic engineering to a great extent

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