Friday 5 January 2018

Na+ has completely filled K and L shells. Explain.

Answer : Na+  represent Sodium with atomic number 11. Which means it has 11 protons. Number of Electrons is equal to number of protons. So Sodium has 11 electrons in the outer shells distributed as  2 electrons in 'k' shell, 8 electron in 'L' shell and 1 electron in 'M' shell.  The distribution of electron in the shells is governed by the formula i.e. 2n2. Where 'n' represents the number of shells. The first shell is represented as 'K', second shell as 'L', third shell as 'M', and fourth shell as 'N' and so on.
There for, as per the formula above,   the 'K' shell  i.e. 1st  shell will contain  2 x 12   =2 electrons and 'L' shell will contain 2 x 22 = 8 electrons.Which means it has completely filled 'K' and 'L' shells.

This is an answered question from Chapter 4. Structure Of The Atom of CBSE Class 9th Science

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