Friday 5 January 2018

If Z = 3, what would be the valency of the element? Also, name the element.

Answer :  
Given Z= 3
we know that Z = Atomic Number = Number of protons = Number of electrons
:.  Number of electrons = 3
Distrubution of electrons is given by the formula 2n2 where n is the number of orbit or shell represented by letters K, L, M, N etc
Hence for first orbit i.e. 'k' the number of electrons = 2 × 1 = 2
for second orbit i.e. 'L' the number of electron = total electrons - numbers of electrons in 'K' = 3-2=1
Valency of element is 1 as it will readily lose its outermost valance electrons than to gather 7 more to have a fully filled outermost orbit.
The element is Lithium 

This is an answered question from Chapter 4. Structure Of The Atom of CBSE Class 9th Science

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