Friday 5 January 2018

Differentiate between striated, unstriated and cardiac muscles on the basis of their structure and site/location in the body.

Answer : 
Differences Striated, Unstriated and Cardiac Muscles
Striated MuscleUnstriated MuscleCardiac Muscle

The fibres or cells are long and cylindrical.
The fibres or cells are un-branched.
Multiple nuclei are present on the periphery.
Striations with light and dark band present.
They are present in Hand, feet and other skeletal muscles.
The cells are long, narrow, spindle-shaped.
The fibres or cells are unbranched.
Single centrally located nucleus.
Striations absent.

They are present in Walls of stomach, intestine, ureter and bronchi.

The cells are short, cylindrical and branched.
At some places, they develop lateral outgrowths to form cross-connections.
Cardiac cell are uninucleate and have a centrally located single nucleus
Striations present, but not as prominent as they are present in striated muscle.
They are present in the heart.

This is an answered question from Chapter 6. Tissues of CBSE Class 9th Science

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