Friday 3 June 2011

Fun with Magnets.: CBSE NCERT Class VI Science Lesson 13:

NCERT Class VI Science Textbook:
Lesson 13: Fun with Magnets.


1.Question. Fill in the blanks in the following.
Answer.(a) Artificial magnets are made in different shapes such as (Bar magnet, horse, shoe and cylindrical).
       (b) The materials which are attracted towards a  magnet are called (magnetic).
       (c) Paper is not a (magnetic) material.
       (d) In olden days, sailors used to find direction suspending a piece of (magnet).
       (e) A magnet always has (two) poles.

2.Question. State whether the following statements are True or False.

(1) A cylindrical magnet has only one pole. (False)
(2) Artificial magnets were discovered in Greece. (False)
(3) Similar poles of  magnet repel each other. (True)
(4) Maximum iron filings stick in the middle of a bar magnet when it is brought near them. (False)
(5) Bar magnet always point towards North_South direction. (False)
(6) A compass can be used to find East_west direction at any place.(True)
(7) Rubber is a magnetic material.(False)              

3.Question. It was observed that a pencil sharpener gets attracted by both the poles of a magnet although its body is made of plastic. Name a material that might have been used to make some part of it.Answer. Iron.

4.Question. Writ any two properties of a magnet.
Answer.(a) Attracts objects made of iron, nickle or cobalt.
       (b) Direct North_South direction.

5.Question. Where are poles of a bar magnet located?
Answer.On two ends of the bar magnet.