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The Earth in the Solar System : Lesson 1 Class VI (6th) Geography -The Earth : Our Habitat

Exercises Solutions  with Questions and Answers

1.  Question.  (a)  How does a planet differ from a star?
Answer.     A planet differs from the star in the following ways : -
  1. Stars emit a large amount of heat and light 
  2. They are big heavenly bodies
  3. There are many stars which we cannot see with our naked eyes
  1. They do not have heat and light of their own.They only reflect the light of the sun.
  2. Planets are called   ' Wanderers' because they revolve around the sun in fixed orbit.
  3. Planets can be seen with the help of the telescope.

(b)  What is the meant by the 'solar system'?
Answer. The sun, the planets, and satellites together with other minor bodies make up the solar system.The sun is at the center of the solar system. The planets revolve around the sun in their fixed orbits. The satellites revolve around the planets.

(c) Name all planets according to their distance from the sun.
Answer.   The  planets according to their didtance from the sun are: Mercury, Venus, Earth.Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, pluto.

(d)   Why is the earth called a unique planet?
Answer. The Earth is called a unique planet because of the following reasons : -
(i) Earth called a unique planet because Conditions favourable to support life are found only on the earth '.it is neither too hor noor too cold.
(ii) Earth has surface water which is very necessary for our survival.
(iii) It has life giving Oxygen and the Ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the Sun.

(e) Why do we see only one side of the moon always ?
Answers : The moon revolves around the Earth in about 27 days. It takes exactly the same time to rotate on its axis. To complete both the moments, the Moon takes the same time. This is the reason why we see only one side of the Moon.

(f) What is Universe?
Answer. The universe is the whole body of stars. planets, satellites and gases . it is endless. Stars are huge bodies of glowing gases e.g. sun. Planets and satellites do not have heat and light of  their own. They are lit by the light of stars.

2.Question.Tick the correct answer.
(a) The planet known as the "Earth's Twin is.
1.Jupiter.            2.Saturn.               3. Venus.
Answer : 3. Venus
(b) Which is the third nearest planet to the sun.
1.Venus           2.Earth.          3.Mercurry.
Answer : 2. Earth
(c) All the planets move around the sun in a.
1.Circular path.       2.Rectangular path.  3.Elliptical path. 
 Answer : 3.Elliptical path.

(d) The pole star indicates the direction to the.
1. South      2.North.           3. East.
Answer : 2. North.

(e) Asteroids are found between the orbit of.
1.Saturn and Jupiter.      2.Mars and Jupiter.       3.The Earth and Mars.
Answer : 2.Mars and Jupiter

3. Question : Fill in the blanks.
  1. A group of stars forming various pattern is called constellation.
  2. A huge system of stars is called galaxy.
  3. Moon is the closest celestial body to our earth.
  4. Earth is the third nearest planet to the sun.
  5. Planets do not have their own heat and light.

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