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Lesson 10 : The Banyan Tree : Class VI (6th) English - Honeysuckle

1.Question.(i)  "It was to battle of champions"
(i) What qualities did the two champions have? Pick out words and phrases from paragraph above this line in the text and write them down:


Answer. Mongoose                          Cobra
  1. A superb fighter.                 1. Skillful and experienced fighter.
  2. clever.                                 2. move swiftly. 
  3. aggressive.                          3. had poison filled sacs.

(ii) What did the cobra and the mongoose do, to show their readiness for the fight?
Answer. The cobra raised half of its body off the ground , and spread his broad,, spotted hood.
              The mongoose also made his tact fluffy. the long hair on his back also stood up.
             Thus both the fighters showed their readiness to fight.

2. Question. Who were the other two spectators? what did they do? (Did they join in the fight?)
Answer. The other two  spectators were a myna and a wild crow.   Yes they did join the fight with Cobra.

3.Question. Read the descriptions below of what the snake did and what the mongoose did. Arrange their actions in the proper order.
Snake                                                                Mongoose
1.ceased to struggle                                    grabbed the snake by the snout.
2.tried to mesmerism the mongoose         dragged the snake into the bushes.                    
3.coiled itself around the mongoose          darted away and bit the cobra on the back.    
4.struck the crow.                                        pretended to attack the cobra on one side

5. Struck again and missed                         refused to look into the snake's eye's                               
6.struck on the side that the                      
sprang aside, jumped in the bit
   mongoose pretended  to attack.           .


  •          tried to measmerise the mongoose.
  •         refuseed to look into the snake's eyes
  •         mongoose Prentended to attack the cobra on side.    
  •         struck on the side that the mongoose pretended  to attack.
  •         darted away and bit the cObra on the back. 
  •         Struck again and missed.
  •         struck the crow.
  •         grabbed the snake by the snout.
  •         coiled itself around the mongoose
  •         ceased to struggle
  •         dragged the snake into the bushes.

4 .Question. (1) What happened to the crow in the end?
                      (2) What did the myna do in the end?

Answer. They watched from the cactus plant. At times they dived into attack the cobra. The crow once failed to fly back to its perch. It was bitten and killed by the cobra.The myna was saved. It flew down and, saw the dead snake in the bushes, congratulated the winner and finally flew away.

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