Monday 11 July 2011

Key Elements of a Democratic Government: Lesson 4 | Civics | Class VI (6th) Social and Political Life-1 | Lesson Exercises

1.Question. How would Maya's life be different in south Africa today?
If Maya lived in South Africa today she will enjoy equal rights to participate in the affairs of the government, she will have equal benefits and she will be protected by law. No injustice will be done  to her.

2.Question.What were various ways in which people participate in the process of government?
The people in a democracy participate in the process of government in the following ways:
(1) The people  elect their leaders by voting  in the elections, who represent them. They take decisions on behalf of the people.

(2) Beside  voting, people participate by taking an interest in the morning of the government  and criticising it, when required.
(3)There are ways in which  people  express their views and make government understand what actions they should take.These include dharnas, rallies, signature campaigns. Things that are unjust and unfair are also brought forward.
(4) Newspapers, magazines, TV also play a role in discussing government issues and responsibilities.
(5) People organism themselves in social groups that seek to challenge the government and its functioning.   Members of unprivileged groups like Dalits, Adivasis, women and others participate in this manner.

3.Question. Why do you think we need the government to find solutions to many disputes or conflicts?
. Conflicts appear when  people of different cultures, religions, regions of economic backgrounds, do not get along with each other or when they feel are being discriminated against. people may use violent means to settle their differences.This leads to fear and tension among them. The government is responsible for helping to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

4.Question. What actions does the government take to ensure that all people are treated equally?

Answer. One of the important principles of democracy is equality and justice. Equality and justice are inseparable, they go hand in hand. Our Constitution provides Fundamental Rights and one of them is Rights to Equality  and according to it untouchability is banned by law.

 The  government make special provisions for the underprivileged people. The government takes steps to provide justice by providing special. e.g., the girl child suffer injustice at the hands of the parents and society. In order to overcome this injustice, fees of the girl in the school may be waived or lowered in government schools or colleges.

5.Question.Read through the chapter and discuss some of the key ideas of a democratic government. Make a list. For example, all people are equal.
Answer.  The key ideas of a democratic government are following:
(1) Right of the people to vote in the elections.
(2) Re--election of the government, after a fixed period.
(3) The people carry out campaigns and rallies.
(4) Responsible government.
(5) Justice and equality to all.

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