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English Sample Question Paper -1 | Summative Assessment II (SA-2) | CBSE Class X (10th)

Summative Assessment II (SA-2)
Sample Question Paper-1
Subject: English
Time: 3hrs
Class: X
Max.Marks: 80

Section A - Reading: 15 marks
Section C – Grammar: 15 marks
Section B – Writing: 20 marks
Section D – Literature: 30 marks

General Instructions 
  • All questions are compulsory.
  •  You may attempt any section at a time.
  •  All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.


Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and complete the given task.
(7 Marks)

A noise is sound that is unpleasant to the ears. However, a noise unpleasant to one person may be peasant to another. In scientific terms, noise is made by an irregular pattern of sound waves. There are a number of things which make our world unpleasantly or even dangerously noisy, such as jet aircraft taking off, road drills, heavy traffic or loudspeakers. The sound waves bang into structures and cause them to vibrate, giving rise to noise. In the process the ears get damaged. In younger people deafness can be caused by too loud noise or from prolonged exposure to loud noise as produced by too much amplification in a discotheque or by machines in a factory. The noise depends on the energy the sound waves carry. Decibel scale is used to measure loudness of sound.

Answer the following questions by choosing an appropriate option from those given below. 
(1x7=7 Marks)

(i) Noise is defined scientifically as _____________.
(a) Unpleasant loud sounds
(b) Unpleasant jarring sounds
(c) An irregular pattern of sound waves
(d) Pleasant recurring sounds

(ii) Which thing makes our world dangerously noisy?
(a) Jet aircraft taking off
(b) Heavy traffic and road drills
(c) Loudspeakers
(d) all of the above

(iii) Prolonged exposure to loud noise should be avoided by the
Younger people because ___________.
(a) It causes deafness
(b) It causes headache
(c) It leads to disturbed sleep
(d) It disturbs concentration

(iv) Too much amplification should be avoided in a discotheque
Because __________.
(a) high pitch destroys sweetness
(b) it produces prolonged loud noise
(c) nothing is audible then
(d) it causes mental strain

(v) Decibel scale is used to measure _________.
(a) pleasant noise
(b) soft noise
(c) loudness of sound
(d) Amplified noise

(vi) The phrase ‘bang into’ mean ________.
(a) Close harshly
(b) Move around
(c) Strike or hit suddenly
(d) Put suddenly

(vii) The meaning of the word ‘exposure’ is ________.
(a) to deny things
(b) being allowed to experience
(c) understand things
(d) to reveal things

Q.2  Read the following passage.
(8 Marks)

On the way to Stok, the village ten miles outside Leh, there is a suspension bridge that spans the Indus. From the distance, it looks like a circus tent, it is so covered with prayer flags of every colour. I am sitting on the seat next to the driver, a young Ladakhi, and I ask him, “ Why are there so many prayer flags? ”. He looks at me as if I am mad. “ If there are no prayer flags, the river would get angry.” It is such a festive and exuberant gesture, covering the steel lines of the bridge with scarves and mantras and holy dragons, that I want to sing. As the bus crosses the bridge, the prayer flags flap against it. The driver turns to me and smiles. “ Every time I am crossing the bridge I am saying my prayers. It is holy, this bridge ”. How old is this bridge? He does not know. It is as if it had always been there like the pile of stones in the mountains, like the stupas, like the small wayside shrines. The spirit of Ladakh has changed it into a shrine, an object of worship. Does the bridge have its guardian Buddha? The driver smiled and did not answer. The rocks on the sides of the paths are sprinkled with small blue flowers, a fierce wild green grass grows between the boulders; with every quarter of an hour the heat increases and the rocks change, growing more and more fantastical, wings of cathedrals, falling into the river below, large fluted columns, like the hermit perches of Cappadocia, with golden moss spilling over from their height…and yet it is not the rocks and their dazzling forms that move me most. Resting on the top of a mountain pass, I found that the rock I was sitting on was ringed on by white stones, heaped there by travelers over many years; walking on and on into the highest parts of the pass, I found just as I was too tired to go any further, that there was a deserted shepherd’s hut, with its roof torn off by the wind, and a small rose-bush growing in the shelter of one of its walls. I sat in it and ate my bread and cheese. On the wall the shepherd had written with charcoal from the fire, ‘Om’, just one letter again and again. And under each letter he had sketched a rough Buddha’s face. 

Complete the sentences given below.
(8x1=8 Marks)
(i) From the distance, the bridge looks like a circus tent because
(ii) According to the driver the river would get angry _______.
(iii) The driver prays while crossing the bridge because _______.
(iv) The rocks change and grow strangely beautiful as ________.

(v) The word ‘deserted’ means ________.
(vi) The bridge is covered with many prayer flags because _________.

(vii) What happens to the prayer flags when the bus crosses the bridge? _______.
(viii) The word ‘exuberant’ means __________.

Q.3  You are Anil/Akhila, Secretary of Charity Club of your school which is organising Mega Charity Show to raise funds for building shelters for the homeless of recent floods in Uttara Khand . write a Notice to be put up on the club notice-board about the charity show in not more than 50 words.
(3 Marks)

Q.4   Keeping in view of frequent natural calamities in the country, your school has arranged a Talk on Disaster Management. As the President of Readers club of the school prepare a Report on this for your School Magazine
(3 Marks)

Q.5  Given below are details of the Indian Cricket legend – Sachin Tendulkar . Present a Bio-sketch on this great player to be included in Class magazine
(4 Marks)

  • Full name – Sachin Ramesh Tendulker
  • Known popularly as – The Bombay Bomber, The Master Blaster, The Little Champion
  • Birth Place – Mumbai (Bombay) , India
  • Batting style – Right hand Bat
  • Bowling style – Right Arm off Break , Leg Break , Leg break Googly.
  • Family Details – Married to Anjali , two children- Arjun and Sara .
  • Credits – Very many outstanding achievements, Philanthropy and Charity
  • At present – Officially retired after a glowing career. Conferred Bharat Ratna by Govt of India.

Q.6  A great lot has been talked about the environmental threats and need for environmental protection.
In the wake of the Kasturirangan Report on environmental issues as well as Pro and Anti- responses to it from various corners, write a letter to the Editor , The Hindu expressing your concerns about environmental protection in the present scenario in about 120-150 words
 ( 5 Marks)

Hints –
Environment , the great and wholesome aspects supportive of life , Environmental threats of today – Industrialisation , Globalisation , All – round pollution , Felling of trees , Construction of dams , Need to protect environmental- conservation of rivers and rain forests- the Kasturirangan Report – Pro and Anti responses – Your opinion – no compromise on environmental issues . 

Q.7  We are greatly disturbed hearing about increasing atrocities against women in many parts of the country despite all the efforts for Women Empowerment, Gender Sensitisation etc. Once again International Women’s Day is being celebrated. On this occasion render a Morning Assembly Speech as School Captain on ‘’ The Role of Women in National Integration’’ in about 120-150 words.
(5 Marks).

 Hints --
Verbal stimulus- Salutation women – respected traditionally part of our culture – women’s ‘’education – their role in their family, society-Women pillars of nation building , atrocities against them to be tolerated? An immediate solution to this menace, need of the day.

Q.8 There is one word missing in the following sentences. Write the correct answer in the blank
(1/2 × 6 = 3 Marks)

Four persons were injured (a)……. (from, at, of, on) the demonstration. Three (b)..…(in, of, off, at) them are students (c) ….. (in, at, of, into) the university, the fourth is here (d) ………… (at, for, in, on) holiday. That is him over there (e) ……… (in, at, of, with) his arm (f) ….(with, on, in, into) plaster.

Q.9  Complete the dialogue using appropriate answers 
( 1 × 3 = 3 Marks)
Kirian : Hello Abhi! I heard (a) ……………………………… a play at the new year celebrations of the club.
Abhi : Yes, It’s Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice. It (b) ……………………………………. on Friday at 5 pm in the Lotus theatre.
Kiran : Will you (c) ………………….. two tickets?
Abhi : Well, there are no tickets. It is free for all

(a )   
1. are you putting up  
2. you will organize  
3. you are organizing   
4. you will be organizing
1. would be staged   
2. Is going to be staged 
3. Is to be staged   
4. was going to be staged
1.  Would buy me 
2. Could buy me
3. try to buy me 
4. be able to get me

Q.10  Read the following conversation and complete the paragraph that follows.
(1x3=3 Marks) 

Jones: The soup is cold again. Why do I never have hot soup?

Wife : Because the kitchen is so far from the dining room.
Mr. Jones complained (a)________________________. He wondered why (b) __________________ hot soup. His wife explained that it was because (c) ________________________ from the dining room.

Q .11 In the following passage there is an error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet as given in the example.
(1/2 x 6 = 3 marks) 

For a longer time I regarded (eg: longer - long)
My small sister as a enemy. I knew a) __________ __________
that I have ceased to be my mother’s b) __________ __________
only loved child and the thought c) __________ __________
filling me with discontent. She d) __________ __________
sits constantly on my mother’s e) __________ __________
lap which I used to sit, and seemed f) __________ __________
to take up all her care and time.

Q.12  Re-order the words/phrases to make meaningful sentences
(1x3=3 Marks)
(a) every day/gives us/what/much more than/can buy/a/money/little mediation
(b) Methods of mediation / different temperaments / so many/have been developed / wonderful / to suit.
(c) With / by linking us / they / attain / our inner selves / equanimity / help us

Marking Scheme – Grammar
Total Marks : 15 Marks

Q.8 Gap filling
( ½ × 6 Marks)

(a) at  (b) of  (c) at  (d) on  (e) with (f) in

Q.9  Dialogue completion                             (1 × 3 Marks)
(a) 3. You are organizing (b) 2. is going to be staged (c) 4.  be able to get me

Q.10 Sentence Transformation                    ( 1 × 3 = 3 Marks)
(a) That the soup was very cold again
(b) he never got
(c) the kitchen was so far

Q.11 Editing
(1/2 × 6 = 3 marks)

(a) a - an
(b) have - had
(c) loved - loving / darling
(d) filling - filled (e) sits - sat
(f) which - where

Q.12 Reordering
(1 × 3 = 3 marks)
(a)  A little meditation every day gives us much more than what money can buy
(b) So many wonderful methods of meditation have been developed to suit different temperaments.
(c)  They help us attain equanimity by linking us with our inner selves.

(Section D) Literature (20+10=30)

Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow choosing the correct options:

13. A.
       At length did cross an Albatross,                                                                       (3 Marks)
       Through the fog it came;
       As it had been a Christian soul,
       We hailed it in God’s name.

(a)What is an Albatross?
 (i) A small bird with small wings
(ii) A very large white sea—bird with long wings
(iii) A sea creature
(iv) A small land bird

(b) The bird came :
(i) from the land of mist
(ii) from the land of ice
(iii) through the fog
(iv) through the blast

(c) The poetic device used in the third line is:
(i) metaphor
(ii) simile
(iii) alliteration
(iv) personification

13. B. At that moment, the door behind us burst open. Twelve guards with vicious dogs were standing there. The next instant the dogs were hurtling towards us, all bared teeth and dripping jowls. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sebastian take a step backwards.
(3 Marks)

(a) Name the psycho-driven game being described here.
(i) ‘ Wildwest ‘
(ii) ‘ Dragonquest’
(ii) ‘ Jailbreak’
(Iv) ‘ War zone’

(b) Where is Sebastian Shultz and Michael?
(i) in the clutches of the wicked dragon
(ii) On the roof of the dungeon in the castle.
(iii) In the no-man’s land of rubble and smoke
(Iv) In the helicopter.

c. What happened when Sebastian took a step backwards?
(i) Caught by dragon
(ii) Fell down to the concrete below.
(iii) Fell into the saloon.
(iv) He died.

13. (c) Cowards die many times before their deaths:
(3 Marks)
The valiant never taste of death but once.
(a) Who is the speaker?
(i) Brutus
(ii) Cassius
(iii) Julius Caesar
iv) Mark Antony

(b) Who is the listener?
(i) Brutus
(ii) Calpurnia
(iii) Mob
(iv) Greybeards

(c) What do the lines mean?
(i) Cowards and valiant die many times before their deaths.
(ii) Cowards die once.
(iii) Valiant dies many times.
(iv) Cowards die many times and the valiant die only once.

Q.14  Answer any two of the following in 30-40 words.
1. “My name is Ozymandias , king of kings”. Why does Ozymandias refer to himself as king of kings? What quality of the king is revealed through this statement?

2. How do we know that Patol Babu was a meticulous man?

3. The poet has a dual attitude towards the snake. Why does he experience conflicting emotions on seeing the snake?

Q. 15. Answer the question in 120—150 words. Bring out the characteristic features of Mark Antony’s character in the play “Julius Caesar”, highlighting his friendship and loyalty towards Caesar.
(5 Marks) 

Q.16  Answer the following question in 120—150 words. Explain the problems faced by the narrator as regards her examination in algebra.
 What did Ann feel about her hiding in the Secret Annexe? How did she face it as a young girl?
 (5 Marks)

Q.17.   Anne Sullivan, the teacher was conscious of the narrator’s apprehensions and worries. Describe how she attempted to motivate her.


The narrator’s firm determination and hard work enabled her to achieve what she wanted. Elaborate.
 (5 Marks)

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CBSE  Class X (10th) English  Summative Assessment II (SA-2) Sample Question Paper -1

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