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English Sample Question Paper -2 | Summative Assessment II (SA-2) | CBSE Class X (10th)

Summative Assessment II (SA-2)
Sample Question Paper-2
Subject: English
Time: 3hrs
Class: X
Max.Marks: 80

Section A - Reading: 15 marks
Section C – Grammar: 15 marks
Section B – Writing: 20 marks
Section D – Literature: 25 marks

General Instructions 
  • All questions are compulsory.
  •  You may attempt any section at a time.
  •  All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

Q.1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 
(8 Marks )
When SiddharthaDominic, owner of the CGH Earth group of hotels, wanted to give back to the land he had received from, he sifted through a range of possibilities before finally zeroing in on his big idea. He would soon incorporate the “50 mile diet” in the menu of his restaurant-also called 50 mile- at the spice village in Thekkady; Kerala.

The idea was quite simple-source ingredients for the dishes from within a 50 mile radius. Dominic says it was a win-win concept from the word go. “It had the potential to reduce the carbon footprint, provide livelihood to local farmers and give our guests a chance to experience something different”. And the guests were, well, eating out of the palm of his hand. The food moreover was fresh and full of nutrients, which otherwise gets lost as the produce makes the journey from soil to the supermarket. The movement for locally produces food is nothing new. Initiated a few years ago by local food enthusiasts –“locavores” – who insist on only eating food drawn from within a 100 mile radius of their home, it’s a concept that’s slowly picking up in India. “You can spot the difference in taste the moment you pop a locally grown fruit or vegetable in your mouth. It simply bursts with natural goodness that is difficult to find in commercially transported and frozen produce”. Says Ganesh, a copywriter and a die-hard locavore. Most of our food now travels an average of 400 to 800 km before ending up on our plates. Besides adversely affecting health, this kind of food supply also has serious consequences on the environment and the community. In times of growing awareness about global warming and sustained living, going locavore is increasingly being seen a s the “correct thing to do”. Karan Bakshi, former General Manager of Spice Village, the, man who conceptualized and implemented the 50 mile concept at the hotel says the success of the idea was also because guests became aware that they were doing their bit for the community and the environment. “Guests at the restaurant get “The Chef’s Note” showcasing the dish they have eaten, the name of the farmer who produced it and the distance of the farm from the hotel. This is signed by the chef and it’s something they can take back with them, a note that, in a way, certifies their dinner had helped reduce carbon footprint and helped the local community directly.” Other restaurant’s, too, are thinking along similar lines. Rajesh Wadhwa, executive chef at New Delhi’s Taj Palace, says he is planning to start with hotel’s Indian restaurant Masala Art.”If the farmers are able to sustain, we may think about the gradual shift to the concept of the main kitchen. Wadwa’s caution underlies what may perhaps be a major setback for an otherwise great idea: implementation of the concept may not be a practical possibility everywhere. In Spice Village for instance the forests of Periyar and the adjoining land have a rich biodiversity teeming with the native vegetables, spices and meat, with salt being perhaps being the only item sourced from outside the prescribed radius. Not all restaurants are so fortunate, especially those in big cities. 

Read the passage and answer the following questions: 
(1 × 8 = 8 Marks) 
(a) Siddhartha took a big decision by.............................................................. . 
(b)The idea behind Siddhartha’s decision was to reduce ............................ . 
(c)’Locavores’ are the people ................. . 
(d)The food which travels long distance loses its ................ . 
(e)The chef Rajesh Wadhwa of Hotel Taj Palace said that ................ . 
(f) According to Karan Bakshi, former general manager of spice village, the idea became successful because ................ . 
(g)Wadhwa cautions that the great idea ................ . 
(h) The guests are happy because they are able to ................ .

Q.2. Read the poem given below and answer the questions that follow: 
(7 Marks) 
A poem should be motionless in time 
As the moon climbs, 
Leaving, as the moon releases 
Twig by twig the night entangles trees, 
Leaving, as the moon behind the winter leaves 
Memory by memory the mind- 
A poem should be motionless in time 
As the moon climbs. 
A poem should be equal to not true. 
For all the history of grief 
An empty doorway and a maple leaf. 
For love The leaning grasses and two lights above the sea- 
A poem should not mean But be. 

On the basis of your understanding of the poem read the following questions and choose the best options and write the complete answer in your answer sheets: 
(1 x 7 = 7  Marks)

1. A poem should move motionless in time 
(a) without being observed 
(b) without being realized 
(c) Like the silent motion of time 
(d) As the moon climbs 

2. All the history of grief can be expressed 
(a) by the heart 
(b) by an empty doorway 
(c) by a maple leaf 
(d) by an empty doorway and a maple leaf 

3. Love can be best expressed by 
(a) the lovers 
(b) the loving hearts 
(c)the leaning grasses 
(d)the leaning grasses and the two lights above the sea 

4. A poem should not mean: But be 
(a) It means that poem should not be meaningful 
(b) It means that the poem should not be full of different interpretations 
(c) It means that a poem should not mean many things 
(d) It means that the poem should be spontaneous and overburdened with factual meanings 

5. A poem should be equal to: Not true 
(a) It means that a poem should be equal to truth 
(b) It means that it should not be based on truth 
(c) It means that it should not be true (d) It means that it should not be overburdened with factual truths 

6.All the history of grief 
(a) can be expressed by empty doorway 
(b) can be expressed by a maple leaf 
(c) can be expressed by empty eyes 
(d) can be expressed by an empty doorway and a maple leaf 

7. The night entangles trees mean 
(a)trees entangles among themselves 
(b) twigs are entangles at night 
(c) trees surrounded and encompassed 
(d) trees with branches and twigs entangled

Q.3  The Library club of your school is planning to celebrate “Book Week” from Dec 10 to Dec 15. ChetanBhagat, the famous writer be inaugurating the “Week”. Write a notice in not more than 50 words informing the students about the event. Include details such as last date of giving names and any other important details. 
(3 Marks )

Q.4  You were a part of a group of students that got the opportunity to meet the former President Sh.APJ Abdul Kalam.You have been asked to write a report in about 75 to 100 words for the school magazine reporting this meeting. 
(3 Marks )
Q.5  Your school is planning to celebrate Arts and Crafts week. The famous painter Usha Raman has been invited to inaugurate the week long activities. Using the information given below prepare a write up about the artist in about 100 words. 
(4 Marks)
 Name: Usha Raman
Age: 55 years
Occupation: freelance painter
Qualifications: She graduated in fine Arts from JJ School of Architecture and later went to the University Of Columbia to do her Masters in fine Arts.
She has been painting since she was 10
Works: She has experimented with various forms like Tanjore style, the kalamkari and the Madhubani forms She has a studio in Chennai where she teaches senior artists.
Sahitya Kala Academy Award in the year 2002
Artist of the Year by the Tamilnadu Govt in the year 2004
Many other State and National awards

Q.6  The picture given below shows the plight of poor children. Will their lives ever change? Though we talk of abolishing child labour but still a lot more needs to be done. These pictures disturbed Rahul/Richa and he/she decided to write a letter to the Editor of Times of India expressing his or her concern and the need to take concrete steps to abolish child labour. Write a letter in about 102-150 words.
(5 Marks)

Q.7  Reports in newspapers state that violence towards women is on the rise. “Places in cities are not safe anymore,” says a report on rising violence and fear amongst women. Tourism figures show that India is not such a safe destination anymore. As a student who cares deeply about the dignity and respect accorded to women and the need for security and value of safety and respect, write a speech on the importance of traditional values of respect and sensitivity towards women at all times and how media and schools can come together to sensitize young men from all walks of life to protect and care for women just as they show care for society. 
(5 Marks)


Q.8. Complete the following dialogue between Fox and Crow choosing the correct options given:
(1x3 =3 Marks) 

Fox: I heard you singing at the lion’s birthday party.
Crow: (a) ------- lies. I was not there.
Fox: I’m not telling lies but you are.
Crow: Wait a minute. Let me finish my lunch.
Fox: (b) --------- wait?
Crow: Then go away.
Fox: (c) -------- elder brother like that?
Crow: I’m not insulting you.
(i) You stop telling
ii) Do not speak
iii) Do not tell
iv) Can you tell
(i) Why should I
ii) Why I should
iii) Why must I
iv) Why I must
(i) Why do you insult your
ii) Why to insult your
iii) Why are you insulting your
iv)Why did you insult your

Q.9 Complete the following passage choosing the correct options given in brackets. (1x3 =3 Marks) 
Indifference (a) ---- (at, towards, to, with) the choice of books is, of course, a mistake but giving too much importance to it is equally wrong. We can’t lay (b) -------- (up, on, along, down) any hard and fast rules about reading, (c) ------- (neither, either, never, nor) can always read according to a plan either.

Q.10. Expand the following headlines:
(1x3 =3 Marks) 
The chemical Bisphenol A used in plastic containers and drinking cans ------ as per a French study.

Dr. Morris Rosen, an expert of the International Atomic Energy (IAEA), -------- while visiting the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board yesterday.

Despite serious efforts of the government many ----------

Q.11. Read the following conversation between Mike and Liz and complete the paragraph that follows:
(1x3 =3 Marks) 
Mike: What are you doing here, Liz? I haven't seen you since June.
Liz: I've just come back from my holiday in Ireland.
Mike: Did you enjoy it?
Liz: I love Ireland. And the Irish people were so friendly.

Mike asked Liz what she was doing there and added that he had not seen her since June. Liz explained that (a) _____________________________.Mike wondered (b) __________ Liz told him that (c) _______________.

Q.12.Read the jumbled words to make complete sentences. The first one has been done for you.
(1x3 =3 Marks) 
From/ god /a/ precious/ life /is/ gift/ to/ us
Ans: Life is a precious gift from god to us.
(a) Thankful /should/ be/ we/ to /God/ for/ it
(b) God /some/people /remember/only/distress/in
(c) God/ Some/believe/unfortunately /do/not/people/in


Q.13. A. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
(1x3=3 Marks)
 I thought how paltry, how mean, how vulgar, what a mean act! I despised myself and the voices of my accursed human education. And I thought of the albatross And I wished he would come back, my snake.

(a) What was the paltry, mean vulgar act of the poet?
(b) What is an albatross and why did he think of it here?
(c) What did the poet do to despise himself?

Q.13.B. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
(1x3=3 Marks)
 “Well you needn’t be, because I just came to tell you to stop bothering us for assistance, you aren’t going to get it. We’re going on strike.”

(a) Name the speaker and listener.
(b) How was the author bothering the speaker?
(c) Why are “they” going on strike?

 Q.13.C. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
(1x3=3 Marks) 
 “Shall Caesar send a lie? Have I conquest strech’d mine arm so far, To be afraid to tell greybeards the truth? Decius, go tell them Caesar will not come.” a)Who had told Caesar to send a lie? b) What was the lie being referred to here? c) Which character traits of Caesar are revealed in these lines?

Q.14. Answer any two questions in about 50-60 words:
(3x2=6  Marks)
(a) What do you come to know about the king and the sculptor from the poem?
(b) What was the second video game ‘Dragon Quest’ about? What happened at the end of the game?
(c) What prediction does Antony make regarding the future events in Rome?

Q.15.Before mental satisfaction and work done honestly with single minded dedication, compensation takes a back seat. How doesSatyajit Ray depict this lofty idea in his story ‘PatolBabu, Film Star’? Write your answer in about 120-150 words. (5marks )

Q.16. Helen loved trees a lot. She has given a special mention of trees which she especially liked. Elucidate. 
(5 Marks)
Q.17. In spite of her disabilities, Helen showed exemplary determination and perseverance in her life. In light of these words give a pen picture Helen Keller’s character.
(5 Marks)

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CBSE  Class X (10th) English  Summative Assessment II (SA-2) Sample Question Paper -2

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