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CBSE Class VII (7th) Geography -Chapter 7. Human Environment-Settlement, Transport and Communication.-Solved Exercises

Intext Questions : Chapter 7.Human Environment-Settlement, Transport and Communication

Page No. 49
Question. Where do you find dwelling made of ice? Who makes them and what are they called.?
Answer. Dwelling made of ice are found in the Polar Regions. Eskimo make them and they are called igloos.

Page No. 49
Thing To Do
Question. List the different modes of transport used by the students of your class while coming to school
Answer. Transport used by the students of our class while coming to school :

  1. School Bus
  2. Car
  3. Bicyle
Page No. 52
Let's do
Question. Find out the names of some newspapers and V news channels in English, Hindi and a regional language.

English Newspapers
  1. The Tribune
  2. Hindustan Times
  3. Indian Express
  4. Hindu
  5. Times of India
Hindi Newspapers
  1. Dainik Bhaskar
  2. Punjab Kesari
  3. Jansatta
  4. Dainik Jagran
  5. Navbharat Times
Regional Newspapers
  1. ChardiKalan (Punjabi)
  2. Gujarat Samachar
  3. Malayala Manorama
  4. Mathrubhumi Daily (Malyalam)
  5. Asomiya Pratidin (Assamia)
English News Channels
  1. BBC
  2. NDTV
  3. CNBC
  4. Headlines Today
  5. DD News
Hindi News Channels
  1. Star News
  2. News 24
  3. India TV
  4. Aaj Tak
  5. Sahara
  6. Zee News
Regional News Channels
  1. STV Haryana News
  2. ETV Gujrati
  3. ETV Rajsthani
  4. ETC Punjabi
  5. Surya (Malyalam)

Exercises : Chapter 7. Human Environment-Settlement, Transport and Communication

Question 1.Answer the following questions briefly:
Q(i).What are the four means of transport?
(i) Roadways
(ii) Railway

(iii) Waterways

(iv) Airways

Q(ii).What do you understand by the term 'settlement''?
Answer. Settlements are places where people built their homes.

Q(iii). Which are activities practised by the rural?
Answer.Activities practised by the rural are : hunting, gathering, shifting cultivation, transhumance (Seasonal Migration).

Q(iv). Mention any two merits of railwawys.
Answer. (i) Railways carry people overlong distances quickly and cheaply.
(ii) They also carry heavy goods a raw material in bulk, transported from mines to industrial areas and from there to the market or ports.

Q(v). What do you understand by communication
Answer. communication is the process of conveying messages to others.

Q(vi). What is mass media?
Answer. The moodes of communication through which we can communicate with a large number of people, like newspaper, radio and television, are called mass media.

Question 2.Tick the correct answer:
Q(i)Which is not a means of communication?
(a Telephone. (b) Books. (c) Table.

Answer:(c) Table.

Q(ii). Which type of road is constructed under the ground?
(a) Flyover. (b) Expressways. (c) Subways.

Answer: (c) Subways.

Q(iii). Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island?
(a) Ship. (b) Train. (c) Car.

Answer: (a) Ship.

Q(iv ). Which vehicle does not pollute the environment?
(a) Cycle. (b) Bus. (c) Airplane.

Answer:(a) Cycle.

Question 3.Match the following:
1Internet(a)Areas where people are engaged in manufacturing,Trade and survices
2Canal route(b)Closely built area of houses
3Urban areas(c)Inland waterway.
4Compact settlement(d)A means of communication

1Internet(d)A means of communication
2Canal route(c)Inland waterway.
3Urban areas(a)Areas where people are engaged in manufacturing,Trade and survices
4Compact settlement(b)Closely built area of houses

Question 4. Give resons.
Q(i)Today's world is shrinking?
Answer.Because the various modes of communication provide us worldwide information and interaction.

Question 5.For fun.
Q(i) Conduct a survey in your locality and find out how people commute to their respective workplaces using 
(i) more than the two modes of transport,
(ii)more than the hree modes of transport
(iii) stays within walking distance.


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