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CBSE Class VII (7th) Geography -Chapter 5. Water - Solved Exercises

Question 1.Answer the following questions.
Q(i).What is precipitation?
Answer. Precipitation in the deposition of moisture from the atmosphere onto the earth's surface.This may be in form of rain,hail,frost,fog,sleet or snow.

Q(ii).What is water cycle?
Answer..The process by which water continually changes its form and circulates between oceans, atmosphere and land is known as the water cycle.

Q(iii).What are the factors affecting the height of the weaves?
(a) High speed of wind
(c) Volcanic Eruption
(d) Underwater Landslides.

Q(iv).Which factors affect the movement of ocean water?
Answer. (a) Temperature and (b) Rotation of the earth.

Q(v) What art tides and how are they caused?Name three types of rainfall?
Answer. The rhythmic rise and fall of ocean water twice a day is called a tide. Tides are caused due to the gravitational pull exerted by the sun and the moon on the earth's surface.

Q(vi). What are ocean currents?
Answer. Ocean currents are streams of water flowing constantly on the ocean surface in definite directions.

Question 2.Give resons.
Q(i) Ocean water is salty?
Answer.Because it contains large amounts of dissolved salts.

Q(ii).The quality of water is deterioting?
The quality of water is deterioting because:
1. Garbage we throw in the river.
2. Chemicals from industries and polluted water.
3. Remains of the harmful nsecticides and pest resistants flowing in from the fields.
4.Unburnt or half burnt corpses of men and animals thrown in water bodies.

Question 3.Tick the correct answer:
Q(i)The process by Which water continually changes its form and circulates between oceans,atmosphere and land.
(a) water cycle. (b)Tides. (c)Ocean currents.

Answer:(a) water cycle.

Q(ii) Genrally the warm ocean currents originate near.
(a) Poles. (b)Equator. (c)None of these.

Answer: (b) Equator.

Q(iii)Thye rhythmic rise and fall of ocean water twice a day is called
(a) Tide. (b) Ocean currents. (c) Weave.

Answer:(a) Tide.

Question 4. Match the following:
1Caspian Sea.(a)Perodic rise and fall of water.
2Tide.(b)Largest lake.
3Tsunami.(c)Streams of water moving in definite paths.
4Ocean currents.(d)Strong seismic waves.
1Caspian Sea.(b)Largest lake.
2Tide.(a)Perodic rise and fall of water.
3Tsunami. (a)Strong seismic waves.
4Ocean currents.(d)Streams of water moving in definite paths

Question 5. For fun
Be a detective
Q(i) The name of one river is hidden in each of the sentences below.Spot it.

Example: Mandra,Vijayalakshmi and Surinder are my best friends.
Answer. Ravi.
(a) The snake charmer's bustee, stables where horses are housed,and piles of wood, all caught five accidentally.
(Hint:Another name for river Brahmaputra)
Answer. Teesta.

(b) The conference manager put pad,material for reading and a pencil for each participant:  
(Hint: A distributary on the Ganga-Brahmputra delta? )
Answer. Padma.

(c) Either jealousy or anger cause a person's fall.
(Hint: Name of juicy fruit?
Answer. Orange.

(d) Bhavani germinated the seeds in a pot. (Hint:Look for her in West Africa)
Answer. Niger.

(e) ''I am a zonai champion now," declared the excited athletic.
(Hint: The river that has the bigesst basin in the worald)
Answer. Amazon.

(f) The tiffin box,rolled down and all the food fell in dusty potholes. 
(Hint: Rise in India & journeys through Pakisthan)
Answer. Indus.

(g) Malini leaned against the pole when she felt that she was going to faint  
(Hint:Her delta in Egypt is famous)
Answer. Nile.

(h) Samantha mesmerized everybody with her magic tricks.
(Hint:London is situated on her estuary)
Answer. Thames.

(i) "In this neighborhood, please don't yell! Owners of these houses like to have peace, "warned my father when we moved into our new flat.
(Hint : colour !)

Answer. Yellow.

(j) 'Wrie the following words.Marc! "On," "go,'', "in".... said the teacher to the little boy in KG Class. 
(Hint : Rhymes with 'bongo.)
Answer. Congo.

CBSE Class VII (7th) Geography -Chapter 5. Water - Solved Exercises